Which Retirement Would You Prefer?

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Mike Gann
Mike Gann

Mike is the founder of Advantage Retirement Services. He believes client relationships are much more than just meetings and handshakes. His goal and wish is to help enhance his clients’ retirement years.

As you get closer to retirement it is important to remember seniors are living much longer into their retirement years. How important is service, convenience and quality advice to you as you age? Before you answer, take a moment and see the difference in the retirement lives of Betty and Debbie.

During Betty’s working years she had a Brokerage Advisor who helped her play the stock market with her savings, and she did well. Unfortunately, before Betty retired, she didn’t consider the need or value to seek out a knowledgeable Certified Non-Captive Independent Retirement Advisor to work in unison with her broker. As a result, in retirement, Betty had difficulty creating a consistent flow of needed income she could rely on because of the constant volatility in the market. Betty is simply spending down her principal and constantly worried about the reality of running out of money. Each year Betty had to deal with different sales people trying to sell her Medicare Supplements and a prescription drug plan. More importantly, Betty never choose a Retirement Advisor to help coordinate and guide her in protecting her estate, reduce taxation and identify the needed strategies to pass on her estate when the time came. Sadly, over time Betty bought different insurance products from multiple different sales people. These products were never serviced for her when she or her family had questions.

When Debbie was getting close to retirement she took time to consider several Certified Senior Advisors. These advisors had years of experience and knowledgeable in everything retirement. Most importantly, she found someone she felt comfortable with. Debbie chose an advisory group that could provide her with her elder law needs such as protecting her estate and useful strategies to reduce her taxes as her needs changed. Debbie believed this relationship and access to all her retirement needs under one umbrella would be of great importance to her as she aged. Debbie still had her Brokerage Advisor she worked with during her employment years. However, along with her Retirement Advisor they worked in unison to accomplish the retirement needs that existed. Debbie enjoyed her retirement because all of her yearly Medicare Supplement needs, prescription drug plans and changing income needs were addressed for her from her Retirement Advisor Team. They shopped the best rates and plans available. More importantly, Debbie’s income is was delivered from a guaranteed growth product, so she never worries about running out of money. Debbie had absolute confidence in knowing that when the time came to pass on her Estate it would be done in the most tax advantaged way possible with no headaches left for her heirs. When asked today what’s most important in the choices she’s made for her retirement life, Debbie’s answer is simple – peace of mind and the stress-free attention to detail she receives.

It is never too late to live a good retirement. Work with a Certified Senior Advisor.