Transitioning… why am I feeling this way?

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The importance of retirement planning is different depending upon your age. For example, if you are in your 30’s retirement planning is a plan for the future, you have a lot of working years ahead. But, if you are now age 58, retirement is just around the corner and chances are you are experiencing concerns and thoughts of strategies to better protect your retirement savings from risks and is becoming a real priority. This is the natural process of “transitioning”.

Don’t stress – share with us where you are today in planning your retirement transition – we can help

More than likely, during most of your working years, you invested with a broker, and you own different stocks, bonds, or mutual funds in a portfolio as  well as in your 401K or 403B. The risks and volatility of these investments in your earlier years were of minimal concern to you, and you recognize that we live in a different world today.   As you are closer to retirement you are sensing a much more conservative thought process. Risks and volatility, or the loss of the value of your investments seem more relevant, you are more concerned about seeking safety and protecting what you have. These thoughts are occurring because you realize that you have much less time to make up sharp losses in the markets and you are transitioning to the reality of protecting what you have spent your lifetime saving. You realize and understand that your stocks, bonds and or mutual funds have no principal or value guarantee, their values move up and down in the market and they can lose significant value as they have in the past. You recognize this might not be the best platform to build your retirement upon and this will require you to explore investment changes to “transition into principal protected safe money investments”.

This is where an experienced Retirement Advisor can play the most important role in addressing your retirement needs and assist you in achieving your objectives. I realize that today it seems that every financial firm wants to convince you that they now specialize in retirement also in an attempt to keep your accounts in house. Ask yourself this question, is the core or focus of what they sell what you want to build your retirement on, if not then considering change is good.

Remember that an experienced Retirement Advisor should help educate you and provide resources to you on all your financial options including Safe Money Principal Protected Investments as well as assist you on the subjects below that are equally paramount in the retirement that you envision.

  • Strategies to Maximize your Social Security and Reduce Taxation.
  • Exploring Guaranteed Income Strategies and how your needs will change.
  • Clarification on Medicare as well as IRA and Pension Income Options.
  • Benefits of a Retirement built on guarantees and never having regrets.
  • Financial strategies with guarantees with zero risks from the stock market.


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