Retirement – The Transition

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Retirement doesn’t just happen, it’s a transition.

Transitioning into post-career life takes intentional thought, planning, and important decisions that will shape your future for better or for worse.

One such decision is possibly the most pressing, how are you going to generate income?

Maybe you’ve got a stock broker, and you plan to work the stock market.

The stock market can generate dividends, but it can also change at the drop of a hat. It’s a volatile source with a lot of risk. Better options exist than putting all of your eggs onto the roulette wheel.

Another problem – brokers normally don’t deal in retirement planning. They aren’t worried about short term volatility, preferring to ride out the storm. Retirement is no time to be weathering financial downturns.

We’ve been in retirement planning for 17 years.

We strive to help you create guaranteed streams of income to get you through retirement. Annuities are fully insured and safer than trying to get a steady return from the stock market, and provide absolute guarantees.

Consider annuities if you want something more secure than the risk of the stock market.

If you plan to travel overseas or tour the west coast in the States, you want guaranteed income. Imagine landing in Madrid to the news that your cash cow has been laid out to pasture.

If you have grandchildren and you want to spoil them rotten, it’s best to have a steady stream of money flowing in to match the goodies going out.

Are you a collector? You want to make sure you’ve got a secure source to draw from as you grow your collection bigger and bigger.

It’s important to have these guaranteed streams of income, and it’s every bit as important to have the right help when setting them up.

As you transition into retirement, you’ll find that everyone has an opinion about the perfect plan. The problem is, what worked for them may not work for you.

We’ll say it again: We’ve been in retirement planning for 17 years.

Let us use our knowledge and experience to help you understand all of the options so you can choose the retirement plan that’s best for you.