Retirement Planning for Beginners

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Retirement planning is key to ensure your financial security. However, too few Americans take the necessary steps to plan adequately.

Since social security cannot fully replace your income in retirement, other savings and income streams are needed.

Advantage Retirement designs plans such as income planning, and asset protection, to name a few.




Don’t wait to save

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states only a quarter of American households nearing retirement can expect an adequate cash income stream from their retirement savings.

Try to save money when and where you can. Consider your spending habits, modifying those where needed.

Simply cutting back on a few expenses where possible helps start your path to financial success!

Advantage Retirement excels in aiding their clients with strategies for their extra savings.

Saving today allows flexibility, growth, and protection for your assets use in retirement.

Determine your needs and WANTS in retirement

Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

Unfortunately, no one can fully foresee the future.

To begin, consider your personal goals and desires (vacations, grandchildren-spoiling, travel, lifestyle needs etc…).

Use that data with the help of professionals to determine a plan of action before unforeseen life events rob your “fun money”.

To lessen your risk against unknown life-events in retirement, and ease concern for flexibility .


Benefit from experts depth of knowledge

Educate yourself with the help of retirement professional’s expertise and knowledge.

When professionals daily work with individuals in preparation for retirement, they can naturally and effectively help navigate the unforeseeable while helping you accomplish your desired flexibility.

Retirement experts diligently study best-practices for retirement planning.

Their strategic focus is established safety against life’s unknown emergencies, and fluid freedom of your personal goals.


Advantage Retirement’s goal stands to aid your pursuit of your lifestyle today and for your future success.

To begin your own planning today, contact Mike Gann, Financial Planner, CSA, and the team at Advantage Retirement.

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