A Financial Product As Unique As You Are

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If you are researching or considering the benefits of Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA’s) also called Safe Money Accounts then many features and benefits may seem new or confusing to you. Fixed Indexed Annuities have been around for decades. In 1995, FIA sales were $100 million, fast-forward 19 years, and deposits are over $230 billion today according to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute.


I am convinced the main reason so much confusion derives from this subject, is that during our working years we have knowledge of Bank CDs and have a basic understanding of stocks or mutual funds that are available in our 401k account, or our brokerage accounts. The truth is for most people a conversation on a Fixed Indexed Annuities will never become important until they are closing in on retirement because it is the ultimate safe money product. Fixed Index Annuities and all their unique and valuable benefits for retirement is not some newfangled product, it’s just that you are now willing to consider it to preserve and protect what you have worked a lifetime for.  Sometimes what makes Annuities unique is its simplicity. Maybe you are looking for a guaranteed fixed interest, let’s say 3.45% for 5 years like a CD.   Maybe you need an immediate guaranteed income stream or a future income stream that can earn 6.5% growth per year guaranteed.


“In fifteen years of being an advisor I have learned that if a client will first decide what they are wanting their retirement dollars to do for them, then the advisors job should be to find the financial solution that best gives the client what they want and need.” Maybe an Annuity is the best fit for you or maybe it’s not.

Three things to consider with your Fixed Index Annuity:

  • Growth: Is our growth capped, or is it non-capped? What are our index options?
  • Riders: Long-Term Care, Income for Life, Family Endowments, etc.
  • Advisor: Work with a “Certified Senior Advisor” that is not captive to any company.


So, what is unique about a Fixed Indexed Annuity?  You!  Your retirement goals, risk tolerance, age are all unique to your own situation and identifying what you want your assets to provide for you. For more information please visit our website at www.AdvantageRetirementServices.com or email Mike Gann at [email protected]